Creating Cozy Living Rooms

Creating Cozy Living Rooms

Creating Cozy Living Rooms

With winter now in full swing you will no doubt be spending more time in your living room. If your living room is warm, cozy and inviting, this is the perfect way in which to combat the cold weather blues! Let’s take a look at the best ways to create warmth for living rooms.

Making use of a warm color palette can work wonders. Although yellow and red are warm colors, they also have cool tones, so take care in choosing your perfect color. If you are afraid of making a color error, you could stick to a warm-toned neutral color and pair this with objects that have warm tones (such as metal items with warm hues).

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Adding layers to a living space is a great way in which to introduce variety and warmth. Think about cozy throws, textured walls, chenille pillows, cow hide rug and upholstery to make this a warm and inviting area.

Warm light is possibly one of the most important aspects when it comes to creating a warm and cozy space! If you have table lamps, shield your eyes from the cool, bright glare by placing a warm-colored shade over the light bulb. Consider installing dimmer switches on light fixtures to give an atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation.

Bringing outdoor objects into your living room can really make a difference! If you have plants and flowers, this brings oxygen into space and gives a sense of comfort and being close to nature. Experiment a little by adding seashells, dried flowers or even botanical prints to create the look you wish to achieve.

Natural light can be a great thing but too much can seem overwhelming. If this sounds like your living room, you may want to hang some soft drapes or window sheers to filter out the light.

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