Decorating and Furnishing Small Rooms

Decorating and Furnishing Small Rooms

Living in a small apartment can be either fun or frustrating (if you have too much clutter around). However, if you know how to carefully decorate your apartment, you can have a stylish living space on your hands. Here are our top tips! 

Cleverly use small tables.

A small table can look great and can also be highly functional in a small living space. The secret is to pick out a great-looking table which can house a statement lamp or plant. If you can’t afford to buy a new table, have a look at your local thrift store for a sturdy table that you can repurpose!

how to decorate and furnish small rooms

2) Create your own garden. 

Yes, you heard that right! You can definitely have a garden in an apartment but the trick is to create a vertical plant wall that takes up minimal space. Invest in a vertical wall planter and fill it with your favorite plants! Not only will it look amazing but it will also purify your air!

3) Hanging wall pockets or storage. 

We get it, living in a small space gives you limited storage space. The upside is that you can create a unique wall on which you can hang decorative wall pockets or storage. For example, you could buy a few scraps of leather and make eye-catching wall pockets that you can hang on any wall. 

4) Consider using one or multiple carts. 

 Carts are portable and look wonderful in a small apartment! They can help you to organize your stuff as well as maximize on space. Think out of the box and introduce an industrial cart for your living room. The great thing about organizing with carts is that if you don’t like it in a specific place, you can simply and easily move it to another place! 

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